The units for the measurement of relative and absolute pressure are manufactured using an innovative technology that distinguishes the product making it unique in reliability, precision and consistency of performance over time and guarantee excellent stability and accuracies.

  • Gauge & Absolute

    • pressure transmitters suitable for continuous level measurement on liquids,
    • accuracy of measurement ± 0.25%; ± 0.075% according to the model,
    • threaded and sanitary DIN / clamp connectors,
    • DIN32676 (DN25 ÷ 50) DIN11851 (DN40 ÷ 50) and ISO2852 (DN741) health connectors,
    • ATEX Certification.
  • Differential

    • differential pressure measurement for liquids, gas and vapours,
    • accuracy up to ÷ 0,075,
    • ATEX certified.