is a process and systems simulation and optimization software. Gaea is a programmable programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

Gaea provides a wide range of libraries such as:

  1. Text Processing Services.

    1. Common string operations
    2. Regular expression operations
    3. Unicode Database
  2. Numeric and Mathematic Modules

    1. Generate pseudo-random numbers
    2. Mathematical statistics functions
  3. Data Persistence

    1. DB-API interface for SQLite database
  4. Data Compression and Archiving

    1. Data compression and decompression support
    2. Read and write tar archive files
  5. File Formats

    1. CSV File Reading and Writing
    2. Configuration file parser
  6. Generic Operating System Services

    1. Logging facility
  7. Concurrent Execution

    1. Thread-based parallelism
  8. Internet Data Handling

    1. JSON encoder and decoder
  9. Structured Markup Processing Tools
  10. Internet Protocols and Support

    1. HTTP protocol client
    2. HTTP server
  11. Development Tools