Flow measurement

We offer several solutions for the flow measurement and control into pressurized pipelines and open channels applications. Technical support and after-sale service are an integral part of our commitment. We provide answers and solutions to our customers process requirements, also through planned maintenance and training.

  • Open channel

    • The flow measurement in open channels is based on the measurement of the increase in height due to the insertion of a suitable device. For partially filled pipes it is necessary to cut the pipe for the insertion of a Palmer-Bowlus device. The jump due to the inserted device is measured by means of an ultrasonic level meter associated with a control unit.
  • Electromagnetic

    • Electromagnetic flow meters can measure liquids with a minimum electrical conductivity. Flow meters may be employed in all industrial sectors for liquids flow measurement from DN10 to DN2000.
  • Ultrasonic Transit Time

    • suitable for any kind of clean or moderately dirty liquids,
    • “clamp-on” non-intrusive installation,
    • wall mount and hand-held version.
  • Differential Pressure

    • differential pressure measurement for liquids, gas and vapours,
    • accuracy up to ÷ 0,075,
    • ATEX certified.