Gaea is a physics modeling and simulation language. Gaea has a source code editor, i.e. comes with an integrated development enviroment, and provides libraries for regular expressions, csv reading and writing, logging, and json parsing. It provides a sqlite (the database is also included) interface, and bindings for the Tk graphics toolkit. Gaea comes also with machine learning algorithms, support vector machine, and hidden Markov model libraries. Gaea also provides an optimal experimental design library. Additionally, Gaea offers statistics, graph and optimization algorithms, as well as...


How could a "Hello, World!" program be missing from Gaea ? Just type "Hello, World!" in the command line and there you are. Ok, this is not so interesting. What if you want something more flashy that prints "Hello, World!"? Well, you can type at the command prompt:

 GAEA > (format t "Hello, World!") Hello, World! NIL 

So, what has just happened is that we told Gaea to print at the screen the string "Hello, World!". And it did it; but in addition Gaea returned NIL. NIL is the symbol used to represent both the empty list and the ``false'' value for...

If you're reading this article, you probably have a problem that you would like to solve in Gaea. You might want to:

plot some data to help understand it better, check the statistical significance of experimental results, solve some partial differential equation, predict the weather, analyze some genome data.

The Gaea system is a software environment for scientific computing. It includes many different components. In this article, I'll use the term “Gaea” to refer to a few different things:

A computer language. The interpreter that execudes code written in Gaea. A system for...

We would like to present in this article our future releases regarding our software. GAEA will be our new product, a physics modeling and simulation language. GAEA will have its own source code editor, where the user can either write his own programs or use built-in functions to simulate the world around us. Some of the capabilities will include ordinary differential equations solver, optimization and graph algorithms, as well as more mundane tasks, such as regular expressions, csv reading and writing, logging, json parsing.

Stay tuned for more updates in this blog. Do you want...


A new version ( v1.1.1 ) of θTemperature is available with the following new features:

Display of the control point and the corresponding measurement Recording and memorizing of all the measurements Automatic or manual mode selection Advanced automatic fault tolerant temperature estimation system Advanced data management technology for virtually unlimited data storage Temperature output to PDF and print capability Full history log review capability and PDF export Graphical representation of temperature history for each sensor and statistics capability Capability to export temperature...

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